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Why Is ABM Opticians Such A Great Place to Work?

Q: What do you like about working in independent practice?

A: There’s a relaxed environment, there’s freedom to work in your own style, there’s access to a wide range of products including cutting edge lens options and designer spectacle frames.

Q: What are some of your favourite frames?

A: I have about 7 pairs of glasses in my current prescription, but I usually alternate between 2 or 3 favourite pairs. I’ve just got a new pair of Tom Ford frames with Anti Fog lenses. Useful for when wearing masks during the pandemic! I’m already eyeing up a pair of Cutler and Gross frames. I also like the Calvin Klein men’s range and the latest Victoria Beckham woman’s range. You can’t beat a good Tom Ford frame though! For something unique, Cartier frames are exclusively sold in Northern Ireland by ABM opticians.

Q: Why should a patient or customer come to an ABM Opticians practice?

A: You’ll always be well looked after: there’s a relaxed and quiet environment and a better customer service. We also know what we’re doing: there’s literally years and years of experience here.
There’s a wide range of latest designer frames and quality products as well as something to suit every budget.
As independent practices we are not tied to one supplier so we can source the best frames as well as leading spectacle lens design from all around the world.
As an independent practice we take more time with you, you’re not just a number. The optometrists themselves do all the tests and measurements; it’s not delegated to support staff. We get to know you, will listen to you and recommend what you need. No hard sell.

We have the latest technology including OCT scanners, which help detect eye disease earlier and we don’t charge extra for these tests.
All round ABM Opticians is a great place to come for your eye wear and your eye care needs. Some of our customers have been coming for 30 years!

Words by Paul Cooper BSc MCOptom

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