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Alexander Bain and Murray introduce the latest technology to help understand and manage myopia (short-sightedness)

Alexander Bain and Murray are absolutely delighted to introduce the latest technology in helping you as a parent understand and manage myopia (short-sightedness) with an amazing new product.

We would like to introduce Ocumentra, a state of art programme that will allow you to visualise and understand how to manage your child’s myopia (short-sightedness) and how this condition may impact their vision as they get older.

Ocumetra provides the answers needed to deliver personalised, adaptive eye care to every myopia patient.

Myopia management is a new and rapidly evolving therapeutic area designed to slow down the spread of the condition and reduce the risk of vision loss and blindness. With new treatments emerging, new research to interpret and new clinical challenges to address, we need to get to grips with the demands of myopia control. 

Ocumetra will help us at Alexander Bain and Murray to communicate and explain the rationale and options of myopia management to our patients.

Myopia is a chronic, progressive disease growing in both prevalence and severity. The CooperVision® partnership with Ocumetra will broaden access to resources to help ensure the disease of your childhood myopia is treated with urgency.

Ocumetra’s mEYE™ Guide is packed with engaging features such as refraction centile charts, a vision simulator, and additional reading for parents. The mEYE™ Gauge feature is a machine-based learning tool that will estimate ocular axial length, without the expense of biometry instrumentation.

Key Features

Ocumetra provides vital decision support tools to guide practitioners in the management of individual patients data to provide advanced analytic tools that help you our patients understand more about myopia control.  

It’s completely personalised, evidence-based and adapted for your child.

Make your appointment now to learn more and experience the very best in eyecare and myopia management.

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