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Everyone has unique and individual needs when eyecare is concerned. For some, wearing contact lenses is an appealing alternative to wearing glasses all of the time. But did you know that there can be vast differences in quality, comfort and wearability depending on what you buy?

Contact lenses are a popular alternative to glasses for vision correction. They are small, thin, and curved pieces of plastic that sit directly on the surface of the eye. Here are some things to consider if you’re thinking about using contact lenses:

  1. Types of contact lenses: There are several types of contact lenses available, including soft lenses, rigid gas-permeable (RGP) lenses, toric lenses (for astigmatism), multifocal lenses (for presbyopia), and coloured lenses (for cosmetic purposes).
  2. Prescription: Contact lenses require a prescription from an eye doctor or optometrist. The prescription will include information such as the lens power, diameter, and curvature.
  3. Fitting: A proper contact lens fitting is important to ensure that the lenses are comfortable and provide good vision.
  4. Care: Contact lenses require proper care and maintenance to prevent eye infections and other complications.
  5. Contact lenses have different wear schedules: Some lenses are designed to be worn for a single day and then discarded, while others can be worn for up to a month before they need to be replaced.
  6. Contact lenses can correct a range of vision problems: Contact lenses can correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and presbyopia (age-related difficulty seeing up close).

Overall, contact lenses can be a safe and effective way to correct vision, but it’s important to make an appointment with our highly specialised opticians at Alexander Bain and Murray to ensure that you choose the right type of lenses and take proper care of them.

Our opticians have a wealth of experience in the field of contact lens care and can be trusted to offer the best advice available. Our opticians find the best lenses to suit your lifestyle and vision needs after an in-depth consultation. Once the consultation has been completed, our opticians can tell you everything you need to know, to help keep your eyes comfortable and healthy while wearing your new lenses. We will also make sure you are completely confident using your new lenses before you leave the practice.

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