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Why have we at Alexander, Bain & Murray partnered with Shamir?

Shamir is a world-leading producer of high-performance lenses who pride themselves on providing you with the gift of perfect vision with that personal touch. Their products incorporate the latest award-winning technologies, delivering unique solutions for a diverse range of customer segments and emerging patient conditions.

Shamir’s 4 pillars are the driving force behind their ideas and actions:

Passion for Innovation

Challenging the status quo and being first to market, bringing you revolutionary products and services.

Service is Beautiful

They strive to listen to you carefully and understand and better serve your visual needs.

Be the best, but never rest

Superior quality products mean fewer errors, complaints, and non-adapts. They never stop learning.


Agility means responding fast to market changes while being flexible to address your needs as they evolve.

Shamir at a glance...

Latest Product Highlights - Our Drive Wear Lens

Shamir Glacier Expression™ Anti-Reflection coating: This new coating provides an astonishing level of clarity, devoid of disturbing reflections, for improved quality of vision, improved contrast sensitivity and light transmittance. The sharper and more detailed your vision, the faster your response. Superior contrast sensitivity translates to fast reaction times in daily activities, and can ultimately even improve your vision while driving, especially at night. 50% of wearers gained significantly accelerated reaction times** *Than standard AR coating **Based on clinical research conducted at Shamir.

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