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Night Driving

Night Driving

driving at night

At Alexander Bain & Murray Opticians we have some options and advice on the importance of night driving lenses for several reasons:

1. Reduced Glare: Night driving lenses, also known as anti-glare or reflection free lenses, help to minimize glare from headlights, streetlights, and other sources of light on the road. Glare can be particularly problematic at night, causing discomfort and temporary vision impairment, which can compromise safety while driving.

2. Improved Contrast and Clarity: Night driving lenses enhance contrast and clarity, allowing you to distinguish objects, pedestrians, and road signs more easily in low-light conditions. By reducing the scattering of light, these lenses optimize vision, especially in situations where visibility is limited.

3. Minimized Haloes and Starbursts: Many people experience halos and starbursts around lights at night, which can be distracting and make it challenging to see clearly. Night driving lenses help to reduce these visual disturbances, providing a clearer view of the road ahead and enhancing overall driving comfort.

4. Enhanced Visual Comfort: Driving at night can be stressful for some individuals due to reduced visibility and increased glare. Night driving lenses alleviate eye strain and fatigue by optimizing visual acuity and reducing the need to squint or strain the eyes, resulting in a more relaxed and enjoyable driving experience.

5. Increased Safety: By improving visibility and reducing glare, night driving lenses contribute to safer driving conditions, both for you and for other road users. Clearer vision and enhanced contrast allow you to react more quickly to potential hazards, reducing the risk of accidents and improving overall road safety.

6. Protection Against Harmful UV Rays: Some night driving lenses also incorporate UV protection, shielding your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun and artificial light sources. Prolonged exposure to UV radiation can lead to eye damage and increase the risk of conditions such as cataracts and macular degeneration, making UV protection essential, even at night.

In conclusion, night driving lenses are important for optician-recommended use because they enhance visual comfort, improve safety, and reduce the effects of glare and visual disturbances associated with driving at night. By investing in high-quality lenses, you can enjoy clearer, more comfortable vision and navigate the roads with confidence, regardless of lighting conditions.

Ask us about Blue Zero and Reflection Free lens options.

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