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Every brand  we stock at ABM Opticians has a fascinating story. Every frame we stock has been hand selected to give our customers a choice of the best eyewear in the world.

Exclusive eyewear means offering what others can’t.
When you buy from us, you are assured only the best.


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“Jeweller of Kings and King of Jewellers” – Cartier
[dropcap]C[/dropcap]artier jewellery is renowned for being one of the most exclusive brands in the world, and Cartier eyewear is no exception. Cartier are an elite French fine jewellery house, who have branched into bespoke accessories, including eyewear. The materials chosen to make Cartier Eyewear are a reflection of Cartier’s jewellery history, adorning frames with precious metals (gold, silver and platinum) within many of the pieces.

The eyewear collections contain pieces made from materials that include metal, acetate, wood, genuine horn, precious stone. Cartier eyewear is for the discerning customer who appreciates the artistry of each of these pieces. A customer who desires a piece of Cartier in their wardrobe, at a fraction of the price of elite jewellery. Cartier eyewear collections are also renowned as being favoured by royalty and heads of state across the world.

Alexander Bain & Murray are the ONLY authorised retailer of Cartier eyewear in Northern Ireland & Ireland.

Cartier collections include:

  • Trinity de Cartier This collection invents a new Parisian attitude, reflecting a sparkling and feminine vision of Cartier style. This collection of sunglasses and optical glasses radiates with its precious assets. From the side, the temples present the three interlinking Cartier bands. This iconic Cartier jewellery feature creates a sensual look in pink, white and yellow gold- the three luminous solar colours that have set the pace of the legacy ring since it was first launched by the Maison in 1924. These pieces light up the wearer’s allure with a spruce sophistication, enhanced by the lacquered red of the acetate and its deep and irresistible shine.
  • Collection Premiere Three “beats” Cartier signature, inspired from the 1930’s jazz atmosphere. The three tubes is an allusion to the famous jazzmen instruments’: trumpet, tuba and other brass. With precious finished- a ruthenium tonality or a golden/ platinum due provide tempo and style to this unprecedented Cartier Eyewear creation.
  • Santos De Cartier In 1904 jeweller- watchmaker Louis Cartier created one of the first watches on a leather strap so that his friend could read the time whilst at the commands of his plane. This original idea didn’t go unnoticed and Cartier was inundated with requests. This began the Santos De Cartier collection. The screw decor rapidly became a symbol that Cartier would adapt to numerous product lines. Now present on their titanium prescription frames and sunglasses, the screw decor symbolises an encounter between two moments in time: progression and tradition.
  • C Decor Slim, elongated and taut, the C Décor is a more subtle, sober structure- the result of painstaking diamond machining and polishing. Extending to sunglasses and prescription models, the C Décor gives this eyewear a true signature and transforms it into a unique and precious object. A marriage of contrasts- straight lines and curves, smooth and sharp- the C Décor is the perfect illustration of how Cartier uses time- honoured expertise in the most modern way.
  • Double C De Cartier Created 100 years ago- it enhances feminine frames with an emblematic sign and precious finished. A subtle openwork in the everlasting Cartier quality tradition gives the frame an exceptionally brilliant and clear signature.
  • Panthere De Cartier First imagined by Louis Cartier in 1914- his inspiration was that of Jeanne Toussaint. This lady known for her impeccable taste sported bobbed hair, endless strands of pearls and a cigarette-holder held defiantly high. Cartier returns to this theme for a collection of powerful and audacious eyewear in which the panther becomes the true emblem of triumphant sensuality.

Visit the manufacturer’s website – Cartier Men’s Eyewear Cartier Women’s Eyewear [/toggle] [toggle title=”Cutler & Gross”]

“People who need glasses don’t have to feel separated from glamour […] It should be practical, functional, the look good – in that order” – Cutler & Gross
[dropcap]G[/dropcap]raham Cutler and Tony Gross spearheaded the revolution that began over 40 years ago and turned eyewear from a medical necessity into a key fashion accessory. Each frame is entirely hand-made and follows in excess of 30 processes which were set in place since the first frame was handcrafted in 1969. The manufacturing location is Cadore, Italy.

Definitive features include the hand riveted hinged, the lush, long-lasting sheen from indulgent hand polishing and the sheer weight of the frames. The manufacturing process if both time-consuming and expensive with each frame being treated as a bespoke creation that takes four weeks to handcraft. Inspiration for the creations comes from furniture, film noir or imaginary concepts. When designs are agreed and the shapes are sketched, the rough cut out shapes are then tumbled in a wood barrel for five days with resin chips and oil, then once more with a finer grade of resin chip. This process smoothes and prepares the surface of the frames for the hand-polishing. Exposed pins are the only form of decoration allowed on these frames- adding to the ‘raw, honest feel’ of the brand. The brand is classic and timeless- reinforced by the absence of a logo on the outside of the frame.

These frames are exclusive to Alexander, Bain and Murray throughout the whole of Ireland.

Worn by celebrities such as:

Visit the manufacturer’s website – Face á Face Eyewear [/toggle] [toggle title=”Face á Face”][dropcap]F[/dropcap]ace a Face as created in 1995, after co-founders Pascal Jaulent and Nadine Roth challenged themselves to develop a high end eyewear collection based on the artistic and functional themes of architecture. Sold in more than 40 countries worldwide, this brand has become a reference in the world of eyewear designers.

Known for pushing artistic boldness further thanks to the skills of the finest French and Italian craftsmen. They have been awarded the Silmo d’OR for the best design on several occasions. Pure and truly contemporary lines, sensual volumes and colours, a refined sense of touch: the natural beauty of the eyes are fully revealed through the clear, graphic design of the frames.

Face á Face recently released the ‘Bocca’ collection with shoes on the bottom of the legs of the glasses- reflecting the brands humour and style. Hand-made and hand-polished acetates.

Worn by celebrities such as:

  • Quentin Tarantino
  • Sarah Jessica Parker in ‘Sex and the City’
  • Mr Big in ‘Sex and the City’
  • Jude Law in ‘The Holiday’
  • Sandra Bullock in ‘The Proposal’

Visit the manufacturers website – Face á Face Eyewear [/toggle] [toggle title=”ALAIN MIKLI”][dropcap]A[/dropcap] lain Mikli, a French-American designer has for 35 years created “eyewear for seeing and being seen in”, a synonym for passion and know-how.  It has always combined the technical and aesthetical values of “correction and distinction” thanks to unique materials, exclusive technologies and the right amount of provocation. Cult French glasses comprising acetates, a blend of wood and cotton sliced from block. Each piece is hand-made and polished taking approximately three months to complete. ALAIN MIKLI glasses are innovative, bold, exciting, retro, futuristic and always beautifully made.

They feel good as well as look good, with MIKLI distributing the weight of a pair of glasses more evenly so the pressure is no longer focused on the ears and the bridge of the nose.

Worn by celebrities such as:

  • Elton John
  • Kanye West wore ALAIN MIKLI in his video “Stronger”
  • Lenny Kravitz
  • Grace Jones
  • Andy Warhol
  • 500,000 pairs of ALAIN MIKLI glasses have been sold worldwide.

Visit the manufacturer’s website – Face á Face Eyewear [/toggle] [toggle title=”Alexander McQueen”][dropcap]A[/dropcap] lexander McQueen Luxury Eyewear offers styles that are anywhere from unique to classic and in a wide variety of frames and materials. Manufactured by Safilo, recent collections of Alexander McQueen’s eyeglasses and stylish optical frames are both fashionable and innovative.

The collection of eye glasses echoes the class, elegance and also sophistication for which Alexander McQueen is so famous. The specialty is that these eye glasses have a prominently engraved QC logo on its arm. They also brought out a collection with skulls for an edgier look.
Alexander McQueen introduced a unique breed of eye glasses featuring the famous round frames beatnik style with panels made of wood alongside the temples. Alexander McQueen eye glass is considered to be the pioneer of the light metal and acetate framed sunglasses that featured interchangeable lenses.The collections of the Alexander McQueen eye glasses are huge and the options seem to be never ending.

The recent collections of the Alexander McQueen eyeglass frames range from solid yet lightweight metal frames to high quality acetate frames including both modern and retro designs. The frames include sleek rectangular and highly stylish designs in black acetate as well as semi rimless styles, thus creating a collection that offers something for everyone. These frames are specially manufactured in Italy for giving the wearer  maximum comfort.

Visit the manufacturer’s website – Alexander McQueen Women’s Eyewear [/toggle] [toggle title=”BEAUSOLEIL”][dropcap]F[/dropcap]rederic Beausoleil created his first eyewear collection in 1987, in Paris. Using buffalo horn and genuine turtle shell, frames were handcrafted.

Today Frederic Beausoleil frames are still crafted with the highest regards for the traditional eyewear craftsmanship while incorporating the latest techniques. First comes the inspiration. Then researching the best exclusive raw materials capable of translating the elegance and sophistication of the design.

Beausoleil are a refined and elegant collection mixing the components of fashion, just like its demanding and inspired clientele that is using accessories as a mean of identification and recognition. Frames are handmade using acetates and metals. known for their elegant European look in both modern, classic and even retro, vintage eyewear styles.

Frederic Beausoleil is constantly eager to provide his clientele with unique and sublime creations, which is why he has decided to entrust the manufacturing of his titanium frames to the best Japanese factory where each frame is manually assembled by seasoned craftsmen. Worn by celebrities such as:

  • Penelope Cruz
  • Brad Pitt
  • Jennifer Lopez

Visit the manufacturer’s website – Beausoleil Eyewear [/toggle] [toggle title=”LINDBERG”][dropcap]F[/dropcap]Danish, family owned company founded in the 1970’s. Brand created by an optician. LINDBERG philosophy is that a screw has never been used in any of their glasses and no compromise has ever been made in the design or material used. Opticians are able to tailor the glasses to suit any individual patient’s facial shape.

Customers have a chance to choose from a variety of styles and colours- making their glasses bespoke and tailored to them. LINDBERG’s design catchphrase is “simplicity”. It’s about clean solutions, functionality, light weight, flexibility and customization.
Frameless glasses are their most successful model. LINDBERG only sell their range to opticians that understand the LINDBERG philosophy and be able to process the glasses with their hands. The glasses require technical abilities when fitting the frames.  3 year warranty on any manufacturer defects. Winner of 47 design awards.

Lindberg glasses are:

  • hand-made frames, with colours applied by electrolysis- so the colour cannot chip
  • Scandinavian, minimalist design
  • Extreme lightness- Pure titanium
  • Individual adjustability of bridge and temples
  • Unique design details
  • Patented hinges without screws
  • A wealth of unique colours and colour combinations
  • Endless number of shapes, sizes and features
  • Hypo- allergenic
  • Specialised nose pads to accommodate ageing, thinning skin to ensure maximum comfort

Worn by celebrities such as:

  • Nick Hewer (Apprentice)
  • Simon Cowell
  • European Royalty
  • European politicians
  • The Queen Mother
  • Daisy Lowe

Visit the manufacturer’s website – Lindberg Eyewear [/toggle] [toggle title=”Starck”]

“When Biomechanics serves vision” – Starck Eyewear
[dropcap]A[/dropcap]collaboration between Alain Mikli and Philippe Starck, Starck eyewear (part of the Alain Mikli group) is most famous for their frame’s uniquely designed joints. Starck frames are designed so the legs can move into any direction. Starck collections include frames manufactured from materials like carbon fibre (used in the “Carbon Biozero” range) and an aluminium (“ALUX” range).

Frames in the carbon range (“Carbon Biozero” range) feature a combination of cutting-edge technologies with frames featuring a light, heat-resistant and very flexible material that boasts unparalleled durability; in concert with carbon fibre temples. Carbon fibre is a material with exceptional mechanical qualities – being light and resilient, it is commonly used in manufacturing of cars and aircraft (even some space shuttles).

Besides the “Carbon Biozero” range Starck eyewear also offer frames made using aluminium (the “ALUX” range). This frames are resistant to water and air corrosion, are 100% recyclable, 3 times lighter than steel and twice as light as titanium.

All frames purchased from Alexander Bain & Murray opticians come with complimentary 10 year warranty with any manufacturing defects on the joints.

Visit the manufacturer’s website – Starck Eyewear [/toggle] [toggle title=”Oliver Peoples”] [dropcap]O[/dropcap]liver Peoples was born in the heart of West Hollywood, California. On iconic Sunset Boulevard, in 1986, Creative Director Larry Leight opened the doors to The Company’s first optical boutique. The Oliver Peoples vision was to design a collection of eyewear with a unique retail experience in a gallery-like setting. The Company has maintained a classic yet innovative approach to eyewear from day one, presenting vintage-inspired frames that were a significant departure from the futuristic styles and geometric shapes dominant in the late 80’s. Oliver Peoples metal frames are made from titanium, beta- titanium and alloy, ensuring lightweight style but durable function.

The vintage- inspired aesthetic is modernised with laminates, enamel inlays and acetate/metal combinations. The embossed Oliver Peoples insignia found on the acetate frames is a subtle detail (a discerning way to identify these frames). There is also a custom core wire found within the acetate style featuring a refined, embossed logo pattern. Adhesives are never used to construct these frames, as structural integrity is key. The functional pins shown on these acetates strengthen and reinforce the frames. The five and seven barrel hinges are exclusive to Oliver Peoples and are secured with custom hardware (not with adhesive or glue). This luxury eyewear brand can be found in more than 70 countries and is featured at select opticians, department stores and fashion boutiques.

Worn by celebrities such as:

  • Christian Bale in “American Physco”
  • Brad Pitt in ‘Fight Club’
  • Johnny Depp
  • Robert Downey Junior
  • Jennifer Anniston
  • Beyonce
  • Jay-Z

Visit the manufacturer’s website – Oliver Peoples Eyewear [/toggle] [toggle title=”Chanel”] [dropcap]D[/dropcap]esigned by Karl Lagerfield, for the same iconic French fashion house known for introducing the infamous ‘little black dress’ and structured, tailored clothing for women. CHANEL’s collection’s style includes signature, classic CHANEL designs like Pearl – (Coco Chanel’s favourite stone) and  Camelia – (Coco Chanel’s favourite flower).

These high-end pieces include lavish details such as delicate pearls, monochrome branding and intricate heritage inspired arm embellishment.
A classic brand, made famous by its creator, the sultry and stylish Coco Chanel- it has never gone out of fashion. Only a handful of authorised dealers within Ireland and an extremely exclusive eyewear brand.
In recent years CHANEL have even brought out ‘tweed’ within a collection ( homage to the famous tailored clothes made by the same brand). Moving towards a younger audience with neon colours featuring in the latest collection.

CHANEL Eyewear collection allows owners to have an infamous and expensive brand, without the weighty price tag.

Worn by celebrities such as:Angelina Jolie

  • Britney Spears
  • Jessica Alba

Visit the manufacturer’s website – CHANEL Eyewear [/toggle] [toggle title=”TAG HEUER”] [dropcap]A[/dropcap] powerful combination of integrated design, superior materials, ergonomic engineering and 100% made in France development and production delivers eyewear that remains unrivalled in performance and patented innovation. These frames are made so that they do not slip during strenuous activity. With straight temples creating a comfort grip they stay in place with gentle pressure. Beta-titanium or carbon fibre frames make the Tag Heuer Reflex series exceptionally light and strong and its unique design means they can fit easily under a full-face helmet with no discomfort.

Automatic collection- using revolutionary patented technology for a hinge mechanism that opens your glasses in one movement- with one hand.

Trends collection- contemporary and urban this bestselling series offers a range of colours to reflect personal style and a choice of forms to flatter the shape of the wearers face.

Tag Heuer offer expert collections comprising of Golf specific, night vision and panoramic lenses. They are known for sporty elements and patented technology throughout the collections. Two year warranty on any manufacturing defects.
Worn by many sports personalities including:

  • Maria Sharapova
  • Kurt Busch
  • Kimi Räikkönen

Visit the manufacturer’s website – TAG Heuer Eyewear [/toggle] [toggle title=”Tom ford”] [dropcap]T[/dropcap]homas Carlyle “Tom” Ford (born August 27, 1961) is an American, fashion designer and film director. He gained international fame for his turnaround of the Gucci fashion house and the creation of the Tom Ford label. A true piece of Italian luxury for the 21st century- Tom Ford created a collection that have an effortless elegance and style which represents a timeless, classic look. Each frame is completed, by hand, in Italy.

The latest collection is a combination of metal and acetate styles, which Tom Ford has designed for both men and women- bold, yet elegant, they exude sophistication and a sense of luxury.
The style morphs vintage- inspired shapes into ultra-contemporary silhouettes and colours.
His eyewear collection is popular for many reasons, but the level of craftsmanship in each and every frame is definitely Tom Ford’s biggest merit.
The brand is worn by many celebrities including:

  • Cheryl Cole
  • Brad Pitt
  • Madonna
  • Jennifer Aniston

Visit the manufacturer’s website – Tom Ford Eyewear [/toggle]